We Love Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NYC is dedicated to this great neighborhood we call home!!! Block after block of Brownstone streets that haven't changed in 100 years!! Sunset Park is made up predominantly of Brownstones/Limestones, Brick and Wood frame houses. The interior of these homes are basically the same, just the facades are different. Sunset Park also has plenty of Walk-Ups and Tenements. Sunset Park starts at New York Harbor, and rises to one of the highest points in Brooklyn, which is right by the Park itself, which makes for some amazing views!! The actual borders of Sunset Park are debatable, however, it's safe to say Sunset Park is bordered on the bottom by NY Harbor, at the top by Borough Park, on the left by Park Slope, and on the right by Bay Ridge. An example of things being grey, ask an Irish guy in front of Feeney's on 62nd and 5th what neighborhood he lives in, he's sure to say Bay Ridge.
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The building of the BQE and Gowanus Expressway have basically made the overpass at 65th street the dividing line of Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, although it is really somewhere in the 50's. Same goes for the other side of the Sunset Park. Just so you know, there are no neighborhoods between Park Slope and Sunset Park. I'm from Brooklyn my whole life, someone told me they lived in Greenwood Heights, I had no idea what they were talking about. I will say this, although there really is not a neighborhood called Greenwood Heights, the area that runs below GreenWood Cemetary from roughly 24th street to 36th street does have it's own distinct feel.
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